I am Chae-Yeun Park, a researcher working on quantum many-body physics and machine learning. I am now in Institute for theoretical physics@University of Cologne, Germany.


Institute for theoretical physics, University of Cologne, Germany
Postdoctoral researcher at AG-Kastoryano (06. 2018 ~ 06. 2020)
Postdoctoral researcher at AG-Trebst (07. 2020 ~ Present)
Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, Pohang, South Korea
Postdoctoral researcher at Prof. Jaeyoon Cho's group (05. 2017 ~ 05. 2018)


Graduate Study in Seoul National University (09. 2010 - 02. 2017)
PhD in Physics & Astronomy
Undergraduate Study in Seoul National University (03. 2006 - 08. 2010)
BA in Physics
BA in Computer Science and Engineering (double majored)

Research Interests

  • Machine learning methods for quantum many-body physics
  • Quantum information theory

Computer Skills

  • Highly experienced in C/C++ (including the modern standards C++11/14/17)
  • Highly experienced in GNU/Linux (such as server management using CentOS/Debian)
  • Proficient in Python/Java/Mathematica
  • Parallel programming using OpenMP and MPI
  • Web Development (PHP, Django, Flask, CSS, Javascript, etc.)